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Constant current LED modules ZH

LED modules made by GOMAR PLUS are high quality light sources, manufactured with use of labelled components. They are perfect solution for production of linear, energy-saving luminaires. We use 0,5 - 2mm thick laminate for our products, moreover to manage various needs we produce LED modules with use of different kinds of PCB. We apply one-dimensional FR4 boards but also for products, which need better thermal dissipation we use aluminium boards or two-sided boards. Use of high quality LED diodes clearly distinguish LED module from cheaper, imported products, the difference in brightness with the same power consumption is significant. Moreover after longer period of lighting difference in quality of LEDs is getting stronger - branded LED diodes have longer working life with preserving full lighting power.

Besides standard modules from our offer we can produce customized LED sources of light . Thanks to our stock for circuits processing we can adjust parameters such as: power, luminous flux, colour temperature, Colour Rendering Index and span of components. In addition we can apply WAGO or other connectors. We can product constant voltage, constant voltage with current stabilisation or constant current systems. Furthermore our offer of profiles-holder completed with power-supply and wiring system helps us to produce ready to use lamps.