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Photometric laboratory

Photometric laboratory - light sources measurements

We launched photometric laboratory to keep high quality of our products, in our lab we can measure sources of light and LED lamps. The aim of laboratory is to measure and control quality of both our and customers luminaires. Thanks to that we can monitor constantly our products and new deliveries and manage researches to improve parameters of our LED lights. Our laboratory is equipped with two photometric Ulbricht's spheres - first one: - 40 cm diameter for measuring single LED diodes and small-size LED modules; and a second one - 2m diameter - for measurements of bigger light sources, such as lamps, luminaires. Both spheres are equipped with fotometer for measuring luminous flux and spectroradiometer for measuring spectral distribution. Besides we own C-Gamma photogoniometer for determining light distribution curve of luminaires with length up to 150cm.

Thanks to our equipment we can measure:

  • luminous flux of various light sources in various dimensions (with sphere or photogoniometer)
  • spectral distribution,
  • colour temperature,
  • Colour Rendering Index Ra,
  • chromacity coordinates in CIE 1931 xy system,
  • light distribution curve
  • optical efficiency (by measuring separated source of light and complete lamp)

Integrating sphere measures luminous flux with photometer and colour characteristics (spectral distribution, CCT, CRI) with spectroradiometer. Thanks to that we can measure light devices of various dimensions, also we can weigh flux of lamp source of light against complete lamp and in this way we can get optical efficiency of lamp. Moreover the measurement of luminous flux is continuous (we see luminous flux and it's changes "live") so we can adjust power, current and voltage with laboratory power supplies and see how it will interact with luminous flux. Moreover with infrared camera we can constantly monitor temperature of diodes, circuits or complete lamps and we have a look at heat dissipation in lamp's units.

C-gamma photogoniometer is a device for measuring light distribution in candlepower units. During measurements we can see how our lamp is distributing luminous flux, with spatial characteristics we can se if luminaire is lighting narrow and directly (for example spotlight), wide (for example ceiling lamps) or maybe asymmetric (for example street lights). This knowledge helps us to match luminaries to lighting demands. Photogoniometer measurement also exports a ldt (EULUMDAT) photometric file useful for lighting designers using software such as DIALux RELUX, AGI32 etc. Measurement with photogoniometer are made in darkroom of 8m maximum length.

To sum up, thanks to our laboratory we can verify data given us by lighting producers so we can be sure of parameters of our products, moreover we can experiment while constructing lamps - manipulating power to control brightness and heat, correct photometric distribution with various covers, glasses, diffusers, reflectors to obtain desired parameters compatible with customer's needs.

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