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LED light bars PL line- GOMAR PLUS production

LED light bars produced by GOMAR PLUS are high quality light sources produced only within branded components, utilized in fields such as utility, decorative and advertising lighting. LED bars are made using 0,5-2 mm thick laminate. Bars are backed with double-sided tape facilitating mounting on surfaces. LED bars are produced with only selected, name-brand diodes (OSRAM, SAMSUNG, LG, CITIZEN etc.) with very high quality, durability and lifetime, which are noted for their good color repeatability, as well as excellent parameters and luminosity.White colour of LED diodes can be ordered in several color temperatures e.g 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K. Use of high quality LED diodes clearly distinguish LED bars from cheaper, imported LED tapes, the difference in brightness with the same power consumption is significant. Moreover after longer period of lighting difference in quality of LEDs is getting stronger - branded LED diodes have longer working life with preserving full lighting power.
Producer: GOMAR PLUS