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About us

GOMAR PLUS is Polish manufacturer of LED lighting, operating in electronics since 2001

The beginnings of our company were based on production of automotive electronic systems. In 2005 we decided to widen the scope of our activity, this time as a manufacturer of modern lighting in LED technology. As an effect we started up GOMAR PLUS company, operating only in light industry.

The further development of the company allowed for the acquisition of its own facility

providing appropriate conditions for production developing in two main directions:

SMD production of LED light sources - for our own needs and for our clients

Production and assembly of our own LED lamps

Production line

The main SMD production line for light sources, equipped with a fast SMT-SMD machine, enables the execution of large-scale orders. In addition, thanks to the line for the design and construction of prototype circuits, it is possible to implement small and medium-sized production orders.

Our own production line, technical equipment nad knowledge let us to focus on individual customer needs and adjust to his demands. 

Photometric laboratory

Our company owns research laboratory to control parameteres of manufactured products

Our laboratory is equipped with : 

  • Ulbricht's integrating sphere - 40cm diameter for measuring single LED diodes and small-size LED modules,
  • Ulbricht's integrating sphere - 200cm diameter, for measuring light sources, lamps, luminaires
  • C-Gamma photogoniometer for determining light distribution curve of luminaires with length up to 150cm


Such equipment let us to measure and verify almost every, basic light parameter such as: luminous flux, CCT, CRI, light distribution, power, luminous efficacy, flickering. We also measure horticultural lighting parameters - PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) takich jak PPF, YPF, PBAR flux.

GOMAR PLUS quality

Thanks to such technical equipment and knowledge we can control crucial lighting parameters from designing to production which helps us to keep high quality of our products on every, single step.

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