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New product - ProLED luminaires

We want to introduce You our new products line - ProLED luminaires dedicated to office and commercial space lighting. (read)

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Check the discounts we can offer, create account, log in and buy on-line (read)

Choose LED strip, power and colour of light, profile-holder and we will produce ready-to-use lamp

On customer's order we realize: - lamps (varous profile, LED source of light, lenght of lamp, wiring, end caps) - lackering of profiles-holders, color can be chosen from NCS colours palette - anodizing of aluminium profiles in various colours. Price depends on a prospective order (read)

Our offer

We provide sales of not only LED lighting components but also prepared LED lamps. In our offer you can find LED light sources such as: flexible LED strips, inflexible LED bars, LED modules and others; profiles-holders and corresponding accessories (mounting-brackets, end caps etc.) according to your lighting needs. Moreover we offer LED power-supplies, controllers nad drivers. (read)
LED lifespan

An important feature of semiconductor diodes is their lifespan. LED lifetime is incomparably longer than another light sources but we need to know which factors affects LEDs properties. (read)

LEDs - basic informations

Basic informations about LED lighting. We describe notions such as luminous flux, colour temperature, CRI etc. (read)

Sample projects