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Our horticulture lamps in the biggest vertical farm in Poland

Recently we took part in amazing project - the Poland's largest vertical farm where cos lettuce is growing together with sturgeon!

Since 2021 the most modern aquaponic sytem in Europe was built in Hilwood Kutno logistic park. We are proud to be a part of this extraodrinary project as the only supplier of LED lighting system. We produced over 5 thousand luminaires with total power of over 500 kW! Luminaires are lighting three ecosystems, at 11 levels, they're powered by central unit and controlled online. Plantation uses lamps with two spectrums, prepared especially for romaine lettuce. This culture is based on aquaponic system with proper plant food, in the same area, there is sturgeon farm. In the complete cycle fish feed plants with nutrients while plants feed fish by substances rinsed of their roots. It's really good feeeling to be a part of futuristic, ecological project which can help the nature and climate. We're hoping for similar projects in future.